Facts & Questions

If you have any questions after this, don't hesitate to reach out.

How many invoices and purchases can I create?
You can create or download unlimited invoices/purchases.
How can I send invoices to my customers?
You can send invoices to your customers by from your dashboard. PurchasePanda will email an invoice link to your customer.
How can I send purchases to my vendors?
You can send purchases to your vendors by from your dashboard. PurchasePanda will email a purchase link to your vendor.
Do you have free trial?
Yes, 14-day free trial
How to subscribe a plan?
You can subscribe a plan from our app's billing page. We process subscription through Shopify billings
Subscription Cancellation
You can cancel your subsciption at any time. If cancelled before the trial period ends, you will not be charged. Upon cancelling the subscription you will immediately lose access to all benefits
Other questions?
We're always available at contact@purchasepanda.com

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